Mentigi Bay
Lombok - Indonesia


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This was how we felt, when we first set foot on the hills of Mentigi bay two years ago.
There was no road yet, no restaurant, nor a possibility to buy just a bottle of water.

But there was "it" ever convincing and of heartlifting beauty: the Mentigi Bay view.
And as we indulged in the view there came the vision of developing Mentigi Bay, living
the dream of creating something, that would add up to the magic of this place.

We negotiated, made plans, did things little by little: had the office built, the restaurant, and the dive shop on our private beach.

During the daytime, we walked up and down the hill measuring the land and problem solving. And in the evenings we sat with a beer and a grilled fish on the beach, listening to the waves and the soft murmour of the palmleaves in the breeze whispering to us that everything was going to be wonderful at Mentigi Bay.

It was on one of these magic evenings with a full moon bathing the bay in liquid silver that we had the idea of how we would like to form the core of the project we named "The Mentigi", it could be a loose cluster of a dozen villas, sitting on the very best of our land. And those villas could be the most unique in form and design anybody could imagine."Golden Eggs“ we said, that is what we want to put into the green of the hills. "Golden Eggs" amongst swaying palms.

We loved the idea of the egg and started researching it’s deeper meaning in culture and mythology. We found that the earliest ideas of an "Egg-shaped Cosmos“ comes from Sanskrit scriptures. The Sanskrit term for it is Brahmanda (Brahm means Cosmos’, Anda means Egg’). The Upanishads elaborate the Cosmic Egg floating around in the emptiness of the universe for a while, and then broke into two halves which formed Heaven & Earth.

These concepts existed in nearly every ancient culture, as well as in the Chinese Mythology of Pango, a god who grew in an egg and broke it into two halves, creating heaven and earth. Or the Egyptian god Ra was contained in a cosmic egg, laid by the mystic bird Anubis. In popular culture the idea of a cosmic egg was used in comics and science fiction such as in Isaac Asimovs novel "The Gods Themselves“ where baby universes, in their cosmic egg stage, are used as alternative fuel. However, the Egg is highly symbolically charged.
We decided to use the form's immanent creative power for our project.
But who would design and build those egg shaped luxury villas?

We needed someone who would be sharing our vision, who would take pleasure in developing something completely new and bold and beautiful.
Wolfgang a painter and architect has lived in Indonesia for over 30 years.

Wolfgang Widmoser studied painting at the Vienna Acadamy with professor Ernst Fuchs, a widely known artist of surrealism. Widmoser also studied in Figueres with THE icon of surrealism: Salvador Dalí.

Widmoser studied architecture too and was trained at the office of the famous designer Frei Otto, who was the first to use organic forms in 1972 at the Munich Olympic Stadium.

We approached him, he agreed to take a look at the estate and we all travelled together from Bali to Lombok on one of our beautiful boats the 'Al Isra', being rocked gently into peaceful slumber by the swell of the Lombok Strait.
In the early morning we arrived and the 'Al Isra' ankered in the front of Mentigi bay.

Wolfgang was ignited by his very first view.
He took his sketchbook and sketched, scribbled and drew until night fell.







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