Mentigi Bay
Lombok - Indonesia


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Set on hillside land with magical views, the Mentigi Dome Village is ideal for weddings, family events, receptions, workshops, retreats or yoga gatherings and offers all facilities for any type of function required. Our Dome Villas are available to book for three or more days.
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Stunning Mentigi Bay views, with a private road and private beach.

By the first curve you immediately understand why everybody is making such a fuss about the sheer beauty of Mentigi Bay and its breathtaking views. Palm trees, frangipani and bougainvillea all nestled between lush vibrant green. In front of you like emeralds in a silver-white setting are the Gilis, these three tiny but world famous coral islands are in the Lombok Strait. The colors are shadings between dark lapis lazuli and heavenly blue.
You feel a deep inner peace to be in Mentigi Bay.


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